• Product being sold: Decals only
  • Engineered to fit Axial Body of your choosing;
  • AX90066 SCX10 II™ Deadbolt™, AX90053 RR10 Bomber 1/10th Scale, AX90048 RR10 Bomber 1/10th Scale, AX90056 Wraith Spawn 1/10th Scale, AX90045 Wraith Spawn 1/10th Scale, AX90018 Wraith 1/10th Scale, AX90035 SCX10™ 2012 Jeep® Wrangler, AX90024 EXO - 1/10th Scale
  • This pre-cut to fit product is made from an extremely aggressive high tack 6~13mil thick material (buyer choice) designed to handle roll overs (13 mil series), rock scraping and more.
  • Artwork is printed in a stunning high resolution.
  • Buyer choice of a Matte, or high gloss finish.
  • This product is specially engineered for use on RC vehicle bodies, consult your user's manual for exact parts listings and application fitment to your application.
  • Detailed installation instructions are included in the package.
  • We recommend application to a new clear body painted black, white or similar color to primary design color on the back side of the body. Please note that this product is engineered with gaps between each pre-cut piece. If you prefer to have no gaps, you will need to purchase our rust ' sheet ' pieces which are thin profile and can be self-installed and overlapped covering nearly every aspect of your project. Please click here for that product line.
  • All standard products ship within 24-48 hours
  • Free shipping within the U.S.A.

Ships from, manufactured and sold by Darkside Studios LLC. USA

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