'Devils Peak' T.T.F. (Trim To Fit) Topographic Line Contours for Rock Crawl RC Trucks Fits Vanquish Products Element RC RC4WD and more!

  • Product being sold: Aftermarket accessory hop-up custom RC Trim To Fit graphics kit.
  • Brand: Darkside Studio Arts LLC.
  • Manufactured by: Darkside Studio Arts LLC.
  • 'Devils Peak' Contour Topographical kits are printed on clear vinyl in one total contour print sheet size of 12"x28.5"
  • On each sheet contains a mirrored image of a contour set at 12"x14.5" for symmetrical application to a left and right side. Excess can be used for hood and rear if desired.
  • Contour lines come in three sizes, Small Medium and Large scale for different scaled rigs and applications.
  • Numerous color choices available.
  • This product is made from an extremely aggressive high tack ~6Mil or ~13mil thick (Your choice ) optically clear vinyl material.
  • Product can be used on mild compound curves, flat surfaces, and is engineered to take abuse against rock scrapes and more
  • Trim to Fit RC graphics help protect your rig, while giving your machine a unique customized look.
  • Artwork is printed in a stunning high resolution.
  • This product is specially engineered for use on RC vehicles chassis, body parts, bumpers, swing arms, A-Arms battery trays RC Boats, Planes and more.
  • This product will make a strong bond to any metal or plastic part.
  • Simple peel and stick application to virtually any surface.
  • Choose your own size for your custom project.
  • All standard products ship within 24-48 hours
  • Free shipping within the U.S.A.

Ships from, manufactured and sold by Darkside Studios LLC. USA