'Str8 Chrome' T.T.F. (Trim To Fit) Body & Chassis Graphics Real Chrome Wrap Fits Traxxas Axial Arrma And More!

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  • Trim To Fit products can be ordered in multiple sizes. Please be sure to check your required size and order oversized in order to trim to fit.
  • Our 'STR8 CHROME' mirrored vinyl stock have a choice of 'Oil Spill' Prismatic Chrome or 'Standard' Silver mirror chrome.
  • Each Chrome film has air-egress technology.
  • Each Chrome film has an extreme bond adhesive especially designed for low surface energy plastics such as lexan, chassis plates, composite plastic and more.
  • Your order includes your choice of chrome vinyl thickness to create a durable finished product built to withstand abuse, scrapes and scratches.
  • Your order includes your choice of matte or gloss finish.
  • If you choose Xtreme Bash Finish, please be aware, this finish will take some of the prismatic chrome effect away due to the Xtreme Bash' thickness and texture.
  • This product is made from an extremely aggressive high tack 23~25mil extreme thick material.
  • This product is specially engineered for use on RC vehicles chassis, skid plates, bodies, plastic components and more,.consult your user's manual for exact parts listings and application fitment to your application.
  • All standard products ship within 24-48 hours
  • Free shipping within the U.S.A.

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