'The Kraken' Real Chrome Customizable Wrap Skin Graphics Fits Salvas Mudboss Lexan Panels

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  • Product being sold: Aftermarket accessory hop-up custom RC graphics kit.
  • Brand: Darkside Studio Arts LLC.
  • Manufactured by: Darkside Studio Arts LLC.
  • *Special note regarding The Kraken Theme on Salvas Bodies. On this theme, the Racer Name and Number is chrome free of charge. If you'd like any other color please choose it and it will come as a layered item for you to apply over the chrome number that comes standard on the kit. This is a true chrome  mirror prismatic product, not an imitation chrome.
  • This aftermarket hop-up graphics skin product is specially engineered for use on RC vehicle bodies, which are precision cut for specific easy body fitment applications.
  • Each kit includes at least one customizable option to make your kit unique.
  • Product is made from an extremely aggressive high tack 10~13mil extreme thick material.
  • Numerous customization add-on options available, such as Oil Spill, Metallic Flake, Honey Chrome, Confetti, Xtreme Bash Finish and more! Click HERE for samples.
  • If adding neon, carbon fiber, or other specialty race number, please be aware, these are sold as die cut pieces cut perfectly to place over the standard number printed on the kit. You are required to install this following the installation video included in the instruction set.
  • Uploaded custom sponsor logos must be of good quality, any logos that won't meet at least a 150dpi resolution, or require moderate / major digital reconstruciton or aren't uploaded in a useable format will be rejected either initially or after the order is placed.
  • Artwork is printed in a stunning high resolution.
  • Detailed installation instructions are included in the package.
  • We recommend application to a new clear body painted black, white or similar color to primary design color on the back side of the body.
  • Can't find what you're looking for? Try our Trim To Fit options HERE
  • Most standard MudBoss Prints ship within 72 hours, however depending on studio workload, amount of customizations ordered, this time frame could be longer. I will reach out if I feel your order will fall outside the standard shipment window.
  • Free shipping within the contiguous U.S.*

Ships from, manufactured and sold by Darkside Studios LLC. USA