Darkside Studio Arts LLC is a premier provider of custom vinyl wraps and skins for Traxxas short course racing enthusiasts, now specializing in graphic wraps and skins with installation onto genuine Salvas Mudboss Lexan bodies. This collection is our hardest to manufacture, highest-end speciality kits which are pre-installed for you, removing the stress and anxiety of installation of kits of this caliber. With meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail, our skilled team ensures that each wrap is hand-installed to as close to perfection as possible. Our innovative designs showcase an array of captivating features, such as vibrant neon vinyl, eye-catching metallic flake add-ons, and sleek chrome accents. Whether you're seeking a bold and aggressive look or a stylish and sophisticated aesthetic, our custom wraps transform your RC vehicle into a true work of art. Experience the thrill of personalized style and unmatched quality with Darkside Studio Arts LLC as we elevate your Traxxas short course Mudboss racing experience to the next level.