JBody RC Wraps Skins and Graphic Kits For Mudboss Late Model, Mini Mudboss and More!

At Darkside Studios, we specialize in transforming JBODY RC's cars into vibrant works of art with our unique graphic wraps. Our expertise extends across a range of JBODY RC's models, including the Eastern Dirt Modified Bodies, Late Model, Mudboss, and Mudboss Mini bodies. What sets our wraps apart is our exclusive use of specialty vinyls. We are the only company in the market offering high-visibility neons, striking chrome finishes, and other specialty materials. These innovative options allow RC car enthusiasts to not only protect their prized vehicles but also to express their individual style with eye-catching designs that stand out on the track. Whether it's the bold statement of neon or the sleek allure of chrome, Darkside Studios is committed to providing RC car enthusiasts with the highest quality, most visually stunning wraps available.