Darkside Studios LLC proudly presents an exclusive and dynamic range of wraps and skins, meticulously crafted for JConcepts diverse line of dirt oval racing bodies. Catering to the discerning tastes of RC car enthusiasts, our product line is a testament to innovation and bespoke design. Each wrap is a piece of art, tailored to seamlessly fit the distinctive contours of many of JConcepts models, including the L8 Night - 10" Wide Late Model Body, 1987 Chevy Monte Carlo - Street Stock Body, L8D Decked Late Model body, and the 1978 Chevy Camaro - SR10 Street Stock Body.

Our wraps are more than just a protective layer; they are a statement. The neon high-visibility options ensure that your RC car stands out, shimmering with an electric vibrance that captures the essence of speed and thrill. For those who prefer a sleek and sophisticated look, our chrome wraps provide a mirror-like finish that exudes elegance and power. Beyond these choices, Darkside Studios LLC embraces the unique visions of our clients, offering customization options that transform their ideas into reality. Each wrap is precision-cut, ensuring a perfect fit and an effortless application process, allowing enthusiasts to elevate the aesthetic appeal of their miniature racers with ease and style. With Darkside Studios LLC, your JConcetps Dirt Oval Racing car body becomes more than just a model; it becomes a personal emblem of style, speed, and innovation.